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Would you like to develop an iOS/Android application with a single codebase?
Then Flutter should be your choice. It’s fastest growing Cross Platform application development framework backed by google.

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Why should you hire us for Flutter app development?

Flutter is relatively new framework in Cross Platform space. We are one of the early adopter of this technology.

With our vast experience of Application development and actively maintaining and upgrading dozens of apps for our clients, We’re able to develop Flutter applications which are Scalable, Maintainable and Robust. With the power of Flutter we can develop an Application for more than one platform with a single codebase, at 3/4 the cost and time compared to developing it natively for individual platform.

We can give you 100% assurance of following things from our side:

  • Robust, Scalable, Maintainable and Highly Secure codebase
  • Super fast performance and Minimal resource usage
  • Latest iOS and Android version support with timely updates & Maintenance
  • Great compatibility for Different screen sizes and resolutions with responsive UI
  • We also provide support for developing native components which are platform specific and written in Swift or Kotlin that can communicate with Flutter
  • Google Play Store and Apple App Store release and configuration support
  • Backend API development and maintenance support
  • We follow best Coding practices and standards defined by Google’s Dart Team
  • UI/UX That Is Intuitive, Simple to Understand and Saves Time
  • Well defined Architecture and code quality

Our Flutter development services

That makes us your reliable Flutter Development Partner

Timely updates for latest iOS & Android version compatibility

Natively coded components in Swift or Kotlin for maximum compatibility with Platform

Gaming, Business, Social Media, Education, News, Lifestyle, Finance, Productivity Apps many more.

Realtime and Intensive applications which use Firebase or Socket IO

SSO Oauth 2.0 and Firebase authentication supported applications

Backend Restful API development for supporting application

Playstore & Appstore release and configuration support

App Support & Maintenance

Vardaam has a team that is experienced and expert in other skills and technologies like Vue.js, ReactJs, Docker, Flutter, GIT, MySQL, AWS, third party API integrations, DevOps, Data Migrations, Upgrading Applications…etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on size and complexity of the application, but We can say for sure that it will take lesser time and money than developing it natively for more than one platforms.

That’s correct, It’s very young tech, But It’s growing rapidly as more and more users transition towards it. Also, It’s the best choice when it comes to developing CrossPlatorm applications.

Yes, You will be the owner of your application source code. We will provide you GIT repo access to see and download source code of your application any time.

We have different engagement models where you can hire resources with us on a full-time, part-time or even hourly basis. Email us on: [email protected] to know more about this.

No, You’re completely free to host your application with our account or your own account.

Definitely, We provide end to end support including purchasing your store license, Application approval procedure, Beta testing, Deployment and Timely Updates.

For platform specific needs which don’t have any ready made third party Flutter library available we code it in Native languages like Kotlin and Swift which directly communicates with Dart.