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Digital marketing can bring a lot of sales on your way. Professional SEO Services is one of the major pillars of it. Vardaam has trained professionals who know how to gain results without losing existing results, we call it low hanging fruits.

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Why Should You Hire Us as Your SEO Agency?

Vardaam with its team of trained SEO Professionals always work on getting conversions from your website instead of getting more visitors only. Vardaam never applies one strategy to all, but we rather create different strategies for each business we work with.

And this is how we go about it, we start with identifying the terms that are valuable to your business and of course hold commercial potential too. We see that those terms are not having heavy competition and have to have good search volume to it. Our next goal is to either find the pages that best describe those terms or create pages that best describe those terms/keywords and of course these keywords/terms have to be something that your business is well known for and that’s it. We’ve revealed one of the secrets to success in providing the best Professional SEO Services. If you would like to know what could be the best strategy that will work for your business then write to us on [email protected] and one of our Professional SEO experts will get back to you at the earliest.

Process That We Follow

Generally the process for Professional search engine optimization services varies from case to case but still Vardaam has done a great job in simplifying this entire process by categorizing it into 7 important parts.

  • Project Understanding


    It’s an introduction to your account to understand whether it’s a fresh account or any SEO efforts have already been made on it. Basically, it’s account understanding, requirement gathering and project analysis phase to layout the future SEO Road map.

  • Tools Setup

    If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. And to measure it you need tried and tested tools. With our collection of SEO tools, we have been able to bring speed, quality and transparency in this entire process.


    Tools Setup

  • Performance Evaluation


    If you have a decent website for quite some time and it also has quality content in it then any good professional SEO agency will not start from scratch. There are good chances that we can reap the benefits for you from low hanging fruits. Just by giving them a little boost, your website starts receiving conversions.Yes, conversions and not visitors. All our SEO efforts are for conversions only and this phase includes a detailed study on mapping out good and bad points.

  • Building Strategy

    Our strategies are always based on 2 principles, 1) the way we can bring quick results and 2) As every business is different therefore strategy for every website has to be different.


    Building Strategy

  • Website Improvements


    We believe in retaining recurring traffic first then after we work on bringing new traffic to your website. For this, we work on improving your website’s UI/UX, content, links…etc.

  • Promotions & Circulation

    Post your website’s work gets done then it’s a good time to promote your website and it’s pages and content to other relative platforms. This helps pull more visitors and provides more authority to your website by providing quality backlinks.


    Promotions & Circulation

  • Results Monitoring, Optimizing Strategy, Promotions, Circulations and so on.


    Professional SEO Service is an ongoing process. Reaching this stage means we have completed one cycle for SEO efforts and now it’s a time to monitor and measure the results. First cycle helps in building strategy for the second cycle and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not really, if your business allows you to generate customers from the internet then it’s a good idea to go with Professional SEO Services.

Definitely, provided your website should not be so poorly developed or consists of a lot of copied data from other sites. SEO is all about being in compliance with search engines by following the best practices.

Vardaam derives price based on time, efforts and complexity and we get to know about this after reviewing your website and understanding your goals.

You already may be having your website appear in google when searching with your website domain name or your brand name as well but if your website has good ranks on potential keywords which can send good business to you that is the real SEO objective should be. In case your website doesn’t appear in google or would like to know what could be those good potential keywords then write to us on [email protected], we will be happy to look into it for you.

Yes. We have employees who work only in Optimizing Google My Business page and are expert in it.

We do not.

Yes we do. We believe in keeping things simple, our reports are short, simple and consists of all the information in layman terms only.

Yes we do provide PPC and Paid Social Media Services.