Project Based Engagement

Vardaam has a successful track record in delivering satisfactory results with over 700 B2B and B2C clients. We have mastered the Project Delivery Waterfall Model for all projects that are small in size, fixed with budget, detailed or with limited scope of work. It has helped us greatly in providing accurate estimation, getting the work done in time, and achieving a large number of happy clientele.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Vardaam has broken the project based engagement model into small meaningful chunks, this makes the entire project handling easy, effective, transparent, quick, and cost saving. We have set very high quality standards so that the work that we do for you produces great results for your business.

Project Development Key Points:

  • Pixel Perfect UI
  • Intuitive UX
  • High Quality Code that provides
  • Best Security
  • Fast Performance
  • Great Readability
  • Easy Scalability
  • And of course adds Value in SEO
  • Exhaustive Testing

Project Development Phases and Resources Involved IN IT

Vardaam gives you a dedicated account manager that remains with you throughout the life cycle of your Web Development Project, be it a small or a medium size website, web application, or any other type of custom coding, or support work. Web Development workflow would be as following in most cases, in case of projects that are brought to us post development, maintenance, or some other agency/developer already started working on it and could not finish then the sequence might change.

  • Requirement Gathering


    Account Manager & Project Manager

  • Design

    Account Manager, Project Manager, UI/UX Designer



  • Implementation


    Account Manager, Project Manager, Front-end and Back-end Developers

  • Verification

    Account Manager, Project Manager, and Tester



  • Support and Maintenance


    Account Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is one of the ways you can hire us.

You can hire us for every service that we offer through this Model.

Both are equally good, it is just that one is suitable for specific needs and the other one is suitable for specific needs.

When you have a WordPress Website that is small or medium in size, a small Web Application, or a fixed budget project, We recommend going with Project Based Engagement Model for such needs.

For the Project based Engagement Model, we take 50% Advance and 50% before the project goes live via bank wire or Paypal if international and any mode of Bank transfer for local transactions.

You are the owner of the code that we write for you, Yes we handover all project related assets to you post project completion.