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Hire Dedicated Web Developers | Dedicated Development Team - Vardaam

Why Should You Hire Our Dedicated Web Developers?

With Vardaam if you hire dedicated resource or a dedicated development team, they remain dedicated to you. With every dedicated web developer resources that we provide, we also provide one account manager, who acts as a bridge and helps in managing the projects with you. Apart from this there is also a back up resource, so in case of any emergency leave by your dedicated developer resources there is always a backup resource to work on your projects. Dedicated resources are trained to adopt your environment quickly, that is the project management tool that you work on, a chat application that you use and also remains active in checking and replying delegated emails to you or behalf of you to your clients.

Keypoints that you will find in Dedicated Resources / Dedicated Development Team

  • 100% Projects finish ratio
  • Expertise in requirement gathering & understanding
  • Attention to detail
  • Using the right tools & following the best practices
  • Willingness to walk extra miles
  • Being highly responsive
  • Effective, multilingual communication with no barriers
Hire Dedicated Web Developers | Dedicated Development Team - Vardaam
Hire Dedicated Web Developers | Dedicated Development Team - Vardaam

Hire Dedicated Developer Resources

Vardaam has a team of experienced and expert Dedicated WordPress Developers. There is no stone left to unturn in our 13 years long journey working with WordPress.

Our developers are well trained in providing end to end WordPress services like installing free to premium WordPress themes, setting up an E-Commerce Store, Building a Custom Website from scratch, Membership Websites, Websites for Multi level marketing, Community Forums, Setting up Payment gateways, Working with simple and complex APIs, any third Party Apps integrations or even Developing themes for WordPress Multi-sites.

Let’s connect with our team today to hire the most affordable dedicated development team!

Convenient Backoffice User Interface

To work on our developed websites, you do not have to be technical or possess any technical skills like HTML or CSS. Vardaam not only pays great amounts of effort in making your website aesthetically appealing from the frontend for its visitors but it also pays great amounts of effort in making your WordPress website user friendly from the back office. This saves a lot of your time and energy whenever in future you or your client would like to take a charge of the website management.

Hire Dedicated Web Developers | Dedicated Development Team - Vardaam

Hire Dedicated Web Developers | Dedicated Development Team - Vardaam

Dedicated Laravel Developer

Vardaam pays a great amount of effort in training Laravel Developers. We ensure that every custom work that we do has been followed with best coding practices, even a junior dedicated developer resources with us knows how to write a code that is non repetitive, an application that is efficient and easily scalable.

Documentation, Properly commented code, Recommended design pattern and robust database architecture are some of the key areas that we excel in.

Dedicated Professional SEO Expert

Vardaam trains their Professional SEO Experts for conversions and not for traffic only. Our resources start with leveraging the benefits of low hanging fruits and then go step further, so that you get to see the SEO results quickly. We never practice one strategy to all but we rather create individual strategies for each business that we work with.

You Get All Of The Following When You Hire A Professional Seo Expert With Us:

  • Dedicated Account Manager and Project Manager
  • Daily Work Reports
  • Monthly SEO Reports for all sites
  • Backup Resource
  • Access of Paid Tools owned by Vardaam
Hire Dedicated Web Developers | Dedicated Development Team - Vardaam

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your dedicated web developers or dedicated development team is dedicated to your project only.

You can set up tools of your choice to communicate with your hired dedicated web developers or dedicated development team.

We work 9 hours a day and 5 days a week.

Yes, you are always welcome to visit us.

Vardaam uses Jira as a project management tool, self hosted password manager, self hosted chat application and Google drive to keep our data in the cloud.

Only senior and solo players can work remotely with special permission from the company and their reporting client.

Absolutely, you are the owner of all the code that is being developed for you or your client.

You will have to become a partner with us in order to sell our services.

We accept 100% advance payment via bank wire or Paypal if international and any mode of Bank transfer for local transactions.