Custom Web Application Development

Are you planning to take your business in the cloud,
thinking to bring all the solutions under one
umbrella, or do you just need the right amount of
functionalities provided to you and your employees?

Why Should You Hire Us?

Developing Custom Web Applications is our passion, and we excel in creating Web Applications that are tailored as per your needs. The web apps that we develop are easy to use, efficient, secure and of course affordable as well. Vardaam doesn’t believe in reinventing the wheel, therefore by hiring us you will get exactly what you’ve hired us for. Our years of experience in Custom Web Application Development has helped us in setting up the right process and tools in place that helps us in delivering the expected product within a given time limit with top-notch security, performance and of course within a given budget too.

Vardaam brings following points on the table

  • Experience
  • Assured timely project delivery
  • 100% Projects finish ratio
  • Expertise in requirement gathering & understanding
  • Effective, multilingual communication with no barriers
  • Attention to detail
  • Using the right tools & following the best practices
  • We are always ready to walk extra mile
  • Being highly responsive

Process That We Follow

  • Requirement Gathering


    From overwhelmed to organized. People tend to get stuck when they focus on too many things at the same time. Our uniquely designed Project Understanding process helps us in understanding your idea and needs in the quickest manner.

  • Laying out the scope of work

    Requirement gathering helps us to understand your idea, as per the idea we layout the scope of work required for the project. This also helps in estimating your project in terms of time and price needed to develop the application.


    Laying out the scope of work

  • Application Architecture & Database Design


    Scope of work helps us to build the structure of the application. It provides an aerial view of the entire application for example how the data will interact with each table, number of modules it will have and their relations with each other…etc.

  • Setting the Milestones

    Setting up daily, weekly and monthly goals in order to reach the larger goal that is launching version 1.0.0 of the application.


    Setting the Milestones

  • Coding


    By now we are pretty much familiar with your idea and vision, depending on the application architecture single or multiple resources start developing your application.

  • Testing

    A web application has to go through many types of testing before it is publicly available to use. One of the reasons is to ensure that the application functions flawless and exactly as it was meant to be.



  • Deployment


    This is the final phase for final touch up, clean up and content migration. Post this it’s time to launch your Custom Web Application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the size of the project, but we firmly believe that there is no need to reinvent the wheel, with years of experience Vardaam has laid out a very strong foundation for Custom Web Application Development that puts us a way ahead in meeting the deadlines, performance and security.

You are the owner of your code.

We certainly do. Vardaam also provides customisation and maintenance services to the Web Application that are developed by other companies but the application should have developed with the technologies that we work in, if you are unsure what programming language is used in your existing application and whether we support them or not than you can write us on

You can host your application with us only if you would like to otherwise it’s not required. If you already have a hosting plan post development we can deploy your web application on your hosting. If you do not have one, we can also help in selecting one which will be best suitable for your needs.

Yes we do. We have employees who are dedicated and experts with above skills.

Yes if needed.

Yes, everything that we develop be it website or web application we ensure that it is responsive and it supports maximum latest devices.

To protect our every customer’s Project Confidentiality, we have formed policies for everything right from for a business idea, modal, code or database. And Vardaam makes sure that these rules and policies are being followed daily, strictly and effectively.

Vardaam has 100% project finish ratio, we are not only good in developing custom web applications but with experience we have learned to give closest timeline estimations as well. And ofcourse If something is beyond our technical expertise you will be communicated before starting the project itself.