Web Site Development

The term Web Development is use to represent the work that is involved in development of the web site. The scope can range from simple static page to complex web base application like portals, social media site, eCommerce sites, etc. Web internet application has transformed the traditional desk-top application into a more robust application which can be used by people from multiple locations instead of just a specific workstation.

The recent trending web development is the creation of content management systems called CMS. This helps non-technical people make changes to their web site without having to know the coding/programming language.

Vardaam provides custom web development services to clients to help bridge their business requirements not adequately met by pre-packaged web solutions. We work closely with clients to understand their business objectives, define their web requirements, and work interactively with clients to write specifications, test and integrate the custom web application solution across the client’s enterprise and platforms including internet, cloud and different systems.

Vardaam creates lasting experiences that engages users interestingly and solves their problems – we develop quality and featured mobile applications.