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The online landscape is constantly growing, changing and expanding. Our mission is to provide the best types of services that reflect this ongoing change, and that fit our clients needs like a smart, well-cut suit, stylish, constructed with quality materials and with a finishing touch of wow.


Website design comprises of various different aspects including web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, etc… Usually the process is related to front-end design of the website or application using HTML and CSS. Responsive Web Design is also a trending approach and websites are designed to be responsive as per the device specification.

Website design also depends on whether the site is static or dynamic. A static website has unique file for every page and on request the same content is displayed. Whereas in dynamic website the content is extracted from one or many back-end databases and displayed on the fly as per the request command.

Our profession

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The term Web Development is use to represent the work that is involved in development of the web site. The scope can range from simple static page to complex web base application like portals, social media site, eCommerce sites, etc. Web internet application has transformed the traditional desk-top application into a more robust application which can be used by people from multiple locations instead of just a specific workstation.

The recent trending web development is the creation of content management systems called CMS. This helps non-technical people make changes to their web site without having to know the coding/programming language.

Vardaam provides custom web develop

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Website promotion is a continuous process of increase exposure and internet presence of your website to draw more visitors. Many methods like blog, social media, search engine optimization, content submission, etc. are used to increase traffic. By combining different methods that best suit your type of business, we help you increase your leads and bring in more business. Today there are more options to promote your business than before and hence understand your target marketing and finding that target market is much more important in order to achieve your return on investment.

Marketing your website through search engine optimization (SEO) is just as important as the way your websi

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Website Support is one of the most importance ongoing activity which helps you maintain your brand. A properly well maintain website ensure that your visitors always find you on the web and they are able to interaction with your website smoothly.

In this ever changing technological environment it is importance to have regular backups, upgrading software to current versions and monitoring website performance. Having a trustworthy and professional team to troubleshoot issues and provide you with quick and continue support is primary.

We understand your business, it’s present way of operating and wherever there is a scope we help in making it Webify and automate in order

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The primary different between a web site and web application is that the web site focuses more on providing information to the visitor, while the web application is aimed to let the user perform a task or to solve a problem or satisfy the user’s desire.

Web applications are much more advanced in terms of technological requirements and need skilled developers. They are based on client-server software application where the client interface is the web browser. In simple words web application are those that are similar to desktop software application but can be loaded as web pages to the internet and can be accessed from anywhere.

Vardaam has the expertise and skill to des

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Web Application Development is nothing but creating a computer based program that stays on remote servers and is delivered to user desktop or mobile through the internet. The very process of creation is called application development.

The raise in PHP and MySQL like open source technologies have change the way website are used and developed. Now website have dynamic content and are becoming more and more interactive.

Vardaam’s custom web development services team is capable to manage and develop any complex web application requirement and turn it into a profitable solution. Our years of experience and knowledge in this field has helped company develop a robust applicat

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The first step to promote any Web Application is to build a website. It is a very important to build a home for your application where you can describe your application and explain why it is so great and beneficial to the user.

This first step will then allow you to use many other promotional techniques like paid Google banner ads or search engine advertising, SEO strategies, link building, social media shares, etc. Paid promotions bring quick traffic but can be taxing to your budget while organic methods will be slow but will ensure long term returns.

We at Vardaam can help you reach out to your niche audience and convert your potential audience into customers. We focus on

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Like a house needs maintenance or repairs similarly so does a web application.  Web application support plays a significant role in uplifting the online presence of a business. Most Web Application needs version updates and security patches in order to function and stay up and running. Our support team can update your application, correct bugs and also add more features and functionality if required as per your business needs.

We have the expertise to provide support and maintenance for custom web applications developed both by our developers or other vendors/developers. Starting from application upgrades to content updates or error tracking & debugging, server management, tec

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